• About MeteoWeather

    Reshaping the weather industry

  • The Leader weather company in the Middle East & North Africa

    MeteoWeather is the leading provider of weather products, services, and solutions to businesses. We provide weather solutions to businesses across the world, including sectors that are enormously affected by weather conditions such as Media, Airline, Oil/Gas, Agriculture, Insurance, and Retail, in addition to other fields that benefit from weather information. These solutions help businesses reduce costs, enhance safety and drive efficiency in their operation.


    MeteoWeather technology runs on proprietary, hyper-localized data and algorithms. We have offices in Amman, Riyadh and Dubai, staffed with the region's leading Meteorologists, weather experts, as well as talented R&D specialists who endeavour to deliver the most accurate weather forecasts and information in the region.

    • Proprietary algorithms and advanced real-time data ingest and delivery creates the process and produce the most accurate, hyper-local forecasts.
    • More than fifty scientists and climate experts, including the region’s leading meteorologists, developers and support specialists working around-the-clock to ensure the most accurate forecasts in the region.
    • Businesses across the region rely on MeteoWeather's solutions to reduce costs, enhance safety and drive operational efficiency in weather-sensitive industries including the Media, Airlines, Insurance, Oil/Gas, Marine, Agriculture and Retail sectors.

    Regional relevance: The Arab World is developing and changing rapidly, and MeteoWeather believes consumers and businesses in the region deserve relevant weather information and products and services. We strive to deliver hyper-local regional weather data, to provide information and news in Arabic, and to always take into account the unique needs of enterprises in the region.

    Innovation: We are an enterprising company. We have developed and employ proprietary weather algorithms and models, unique consumer and enterprise products, and deploy our own weather stations across the region. Our research and development is focused on detecting and forecasting disruptive and damaging weather unique to the Arab world.

    Customer-centered: Consumers and businesses in the Arab World are more discerning than ever before, and we aim to always deliver the weather solutions that they deserve. We work closely with our clients to create the unique solutions that their businesses require.

    Integrity: We believe that MeteoWeather's clients, both consumers, and businesses, entrust us with a critical mission. As an organization, we strive to maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity and strive to maintain the strongest principles in everything that we do.